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There should have been a crown factory in this shoebox.*

Image 5

My 3rd grade(?) assignment: Create in diorama form, what you want to be when you grow up.  I wanted to be a teacher.  Actually I knew wife and mother wasn’t going to be an acceptable answer so I settled.  It was the 70s.  They burned their bras and I was paying for it.

My best friend Kathy wanted to be Julie from The Love Boat, complete with a cruise ship and paper ocean waters in her shoebox.  And that is why I loved her.  If I had been thinking outside of the box back then I could have decided on crown maker years ago!

My shortlist of career options throughout the years:

Garbage Man – I thought they only worked one day a week since they only picked up our trash one day a week.  Plus, think of all of the treasures you could find.  And who wouldn’t want to ride on the back of the truck like that?

Teacher – As seen in the diorama

Lawyer – huh?

Interior Designer – Getting my fix at my own house

Photo/Prop Stylist – Still my dream job!

I’m a crown maker, which I have to say is a cool profession, but I’m still looking for that one-day-a-week job……

Which leads me to the question, is it Friday yet?

*My mom saved my diorama.  That’s really it!

Celebrate the day!  Let Scarlett Dalila show you the way.



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