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Voting continues….

4 more days to vote!


Celebrate the day!  Let Scarlett Dalila show you the way.


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Save Yourselves for Cyber Monday!

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Our Thanksgiving wish for you……

Queen of the Autumn Harvest Felt Crown


May your family be kind with no shortage of wine.

May your feathers be fluffed and your bellies all stuffed.

May your pies be sweet and your home full of heat.

And may your stars align, time after time.

Happy Thanksgiving!                               






copyright 2012 Shoanna Crowell

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Do you ever wake up in the morning and try to retrace your steps to find out exactly how you got here?  How one zig when you could have zagged, would have changed it all?

Snowy New England

I do that a lot this time of year, when the cold winds blow about my house and through my locked windows.  I wonder how and why I didn’t end up in sunny California.

I grew up in Michigan, but living in Washington, DC for 9 years ruined me…..in many ways.  Mostly in the, it’s not that unusual for it to be 60 in December kind of way which thinned my blood and makes each winter here in Boston colder and harder to handle.   I am going to try to keep warm this winter by bundling up.  Did you know they are very good ear warmers, those felt crowns?  So if you drive by on a snowy day here in New England, I’ll be the shoveler wearing a crown.  I’m going to take a deep breath and be the Queen of Shoveling this winter.   Even though in my dreams, I’ll be in sunny California.   Celebrate the day!

Sun from the You Are My Sunshine Felt Crown


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Dispatches from the Crown Factory.

That’s CROWN factory, not CLOWN factory.  Although most days, I wonder.

So here it is.  Another blog.  In my quest to crown the world, one head at a time, I’ve decided to start a blog.  I’ve been thinking about doing this since last February.  I finally decided I’m just going to jump right in.  Jump in with me!

I’m not exactly sure where this will go but my mission is to make it fun and funny.  What’s not fun about felt crowns?  Our felt crowns are especially useful.  You can be King or Queen of Whateverland by changing the decoration (forevermore to be known as dashes of pizzazz.)  One day you can be King of the Dragons and the next day a Pirate Prince.  Adventures are out there.  What are you waiting for?  What was I waiting for?  Celebrate the day!


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