You can be the king or queen of anything.  Really!

I started Scarlett Dalila when I suddenly became a single mom.  I had always just wanted to be a 1950’s housewife and mother.  I needed a plan B!  Since I grew up in Michigan on what could be called a farm but wasn’t, working with wool is like going home.  We had sheep, goats, rabbits, quail, dogs, cats, and a ferret.  We also had three McDonalds and a Meijer within a 2-mile radius.  I took horseback riding lessons and wore some pretty outrageous outfits at the county fair while showcasing my “skills”.   I was in the 4H club and was elected secretary because all of the boys thought it was a girl’s job. The name of my first sheep was Black Beauty.   There is nothing like the feel and sound of boots squishing in the spring mud.  Just thinking about it makes my heart flip!  I’m pretty sure some fairies lived there too. I’m sure they still do.

At Scarlett Dalila Felt Better, we use 100% wool yarn, knit it and then throw it into the washing machine where it turns into thick felt.  I started making bags and purses.  The crowns came about when a rectangle for a purse shrunk too much in the washing machine.  It fit perfectly around my head and voila the felt crown was born.  Velcro sticks directly to the felt.  This makes the crowns fully adjustable so they fit just about anyone.  It also allows the wearer to become Queen or King of Whateverland.  One day you can be a Flower Princess and the next day, the Queen of Hearts.  Just swap the flower decoration for a heart and put it anywhere on the crown.  They are great for birthdays as well.  The numbers can be changed as the years go by.  I sell many different decorations for the crowns but they can also be made as a great craft project at home.  You can truly be a king or queen of anything!

One of our missions is to crown the world one head at a time.  I love how the crowns evolved from a mistake and look forward to many more surprises!

Celebrate the day!

A few things you should know about me…..  I am left-handed and I am a dreamer.  Besides dreaming and creating things, I love being a mom.  I also love donuts, freshly cut grass, the sound of birch trees hitting each other as they sway in the quiet winter wind, old houses, coffee with friends that spills into lunch, the color pink, paintings of birds, June Cleaver, Christmas music in November, artwork on printer paper drawn by my kids that I find scattered about the house, knitting, throwing parties, thrift shops, beets, cherry blossoms, the smell in the air after a summer rainstorm and watching TV.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I was a fisherman in a previous life.

And one more thing…. if you continue to follow this riveting blog, you may decide I take to using the ellipsis far too often.  I just can’t help myself…..




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