The Real Legends of the Fall

I’ve succumbed to autumn.  I resisted.  I screamed.  I cried.  I put on a sweater.  Mother Nature cannot be stopped.  I long for a kinder climate.  I’m trying to find some joy in this, focusing on the silver linings in the cold-weather clouds.  I’ve come up with a few legends of the fall:

no mosquitos,

pumpkin beer with a carmel cinnamon sugar rim,

candy corn and

no mosquitos.

That’s all I got.  I just finished a whole bag of candy corn in mourning.  I wish I was kidding…..

Image 1

 What makes autumn easier for you to take?

Celebrate an autumn day!  Let Scarlett Dalila show you the way.


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One response to “The Real Legends of the Fall

  1. Some mourn, others rejoice. The only bad thing about fall is that the days keep get shorter, there just isn’t enough time to enjoy all it’s splendor.

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