Eddie, I have your mug.

My birthday is July 1st so I’ve had a few red, white and blue themed birthday parties in my day.  As a result, I love red, white and blue and the 4th of July and anything patriotic.  I was in one of my favorite thrift shops and I found this fabulous eagle mug.

DSCF4329Its patriotic cool factor is off the charts.  The eagle looks like those perched atop the flagpoles.  It’s handmade.  It’s fabulous and in mint condition.  Why isn’t coffee being poured into it every morning? Or beer every night?  What happened that this treasure would find it’s way to a thrift shop?

Happy Birthday Eddie 1974 Annette is clearly written on the bottom.


Instantly a story forms.  Eddie was Annette’s first love.  Eddie couldn’t part with the mug when the relationship went south.  Literally.  Annette must have moved away.  Somewhere warm.  Something kept him here but he hung on to that mug until his wife found it.  Yes, he married someone else but never forgot about Annette.  Eventually his wife kept feeling there was someone else lingering and found the mug hidden on the top shelf of a kitchen cupboard.  She insisted he get rid of it.  Immediately.  Sadly, he did.

So Eddie, if you got rid of the wrong thing (your mug instead of your angry wife) and now want your mug back, message me.  I have it for you.  And Annette, if you find me first and want to crack Eddie over the head with it, I’m all for it.

Celebrate the day!  Let Scarlett Dalila show you the way.



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2 responses to “Eddie, I have your mug.

  1. johnnymax

    omg. that’s amazing. this will be a viral internet sensation

  2. I’m sure Annette would be happy to know that her mug is loved and lives on.

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