Life. A Patchwork in Pictures.

I got an iPhone for Christmas.  Thanks, mom and dad!  I was somewhat resistant.  I’m not a Luddite.  I just didn’t think I really needed it.  I don’t stray far from home.  Emails can wait until I return…..  But that camera.   Wow.  And zipping a picture off to the people who must see it, whilst standing on the sidewalk, is a real treat.  Don’t know how I ever survived without it.  The first apps I looked for were photography editing ones.  Sometimes pictures look so much better with fun tints to them, or a sparkle added here or a cool frame added there.  It’s almost like painting on photographs.  I can’t resist.  (You don’t need an iPhone.  You can use a digital camera, load pics onto your computer and play away.  Then….. email away.)  Some of my favorite photography editing sites and apps are:

Pixlromatic  and the app

BeFunky  and the app

Aviary  and the app

With iPhone in hand, I decided to institute A-Picture-A-Day with my sister, who also got an iPhone for Christmas (thanks again, mom and dad) and lives far away in Michigan.  I thought it would be a fun way to keep in touch.  It’s so easy.  It’s so fun.   You should set this in motion with someone you love.  It’s almost like being there.  Almost.

Here are a few of our pictures so far.  We are only two weeks in and it’s been oh so much fun.

From me to my sister:


Happy New Year!

California dreaming

California dreaming……..

Yup.  That's Polka Spot and me!

Yup. That’s Polka Spot and me!

She gasped in delight.

She gasped in delight.

Eternal hope.

Eternal hope.

Good morning, sunshine.

Good morning, sunshine.

You know it's winter when the dinosaur is donning the scarf.

All bundled up.

From my sister to me:

Dutch baby, a thing of wonder!

Dutch baby, a thing of wonder!

A winter walk with Paddy.

A winter walk with Paddy.

Time to make more laundry soap.

Time to make more laundry soap.



I'm hooking granny style!

I’m hooking granny style!

I’m off to take today’s picture.  Celebrate the day!


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