A Handmade Holiday

When I was little, just like so many of you, we drew names before Christmas with my mom’s side of the family.  There was one catch.  The gifts had to be handmade.  Now I come from a long line of crafty people so it was pretty easy for them to pull this off.   However, I believe you too can do it, even if you consider yourself, and/or the members of your family, “untalented” shall we say, in the arts and crafts department.  The last thing I am suggesting is that you screw yourself out of a good gift and instead set yourself up to receive a glob of glue and yarn disguised as a present.  The internet has a plethora of ideas and tutorials you can share with your loved ones if you decide to get on this train.  It’s not too late to get these done before the holidays.  Below are some of my favorite DIY projects that I would LOVE to receive as gifts.  Hint…..  Hint…. Perhaps you might too.  Spoiler alert:  Do not continue reading if I might have pulled your name out of a jar.

Spice up your fridge.  Japanese Masking Tape Magnets by Twirling Betty


Send some old shirts on a new mission!   The Easiest DIY T-shirt Infinity Scarf by Madigan Made


Now for this one, you’ll want a sewing machine.   Pillows Made From Tea Towels by The Pleated Poppy


Let your imagine run wild!  Giant Pom Pom by Handmade Charlotte


To add a bit of green to the white winter landscape, this is one of my favorites.  DIY Terrarium Kit from BuyDisOrDat on Etsy.


There are so many things you can do to spice up the holidays and make it more special by giving a handmade gift.  My friend, Nicole makes the most delicious sweet bread that she gives to all of her friends.  She only makes it this time of year so it is an extra special treat.  Think about finding a recipe that you too could make as a yearly tradition and give as a gift.  The possibilities are endless.  Now go get busy.  There’s still time.  Happy holidays and celebrate the day!


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  1. oh man, we always drew names in my large family and, more often than not, had to be hand made. excellent post. thanks for the brilliant creative.
    and funny too.

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