Do you ever wake up in the morning and try to retrace your steps to find out exactly how you got here?  How one zig when you could have zagged, would have changed it all?

Snowy New England

I do that a lot this time of year, when the cold winds blow about my house and through my locked windows.  I wonder how and why I didn’t end up in sunny California.

I grew up in Michigan, but living in Washington, DC for 9 years ruined me… many ways.  Mostly in the, it’s not that unusual for it to be 60 in December kind of way which thinned my blood and makes each winter here in Boston colder and harder to handle.   I am going to try to keep warm this winter by bundling up.  Did you know they are very good ear warmers, those felt crowns?  So if you drive by on a snowy day here in New England, I’ll be the shoveler wearing a crown.  I’m going to take a deep breath and be the Queen of Shoveling this winter.   Even though in my dreams, I’ll be in sunny California.   Celebrate the day!

Sun from the You Are My Sunshine Felt Crown



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2 responses to “Winter.

  1. I’m so excited! You know how I LOVE a good blog! How can I get advertising space?

  2. Keri

    California, here I come…right back where I started from…:)
    Yes, those darling crowns are very cozy on a cold New England day!

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